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Media- Ceramic, wood frame

29.5'' x 45.5'' Wall piece

Communication is the most important thing in this world. No matter you want to know someone or something, or you are trying to describe yourself. I was an international student here in the US. English was not my first language, so it was very hard to describe to people my real ideas. I believed many people right here who are from different countries have the same issues as me. 


Flowers represent the voice of every person, each kind of flower has its own flower language and meaning, just like every person and thing has its own meaning to this world, but they might not understand each other.  When we are trying to explain ourselves or fighting, we always forget all of us are human in this world. Everyone should be equal but should not have racism and supplant.

Maybe some people still looking for the value of their existence, but this is our life point subject.


The United States is the place where I established my artistic dreams. For me, it was here that I began to have my artist journey and creation, and truly ignited my enthusiasm and hope for art.


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